Singing a different tune

With the profoundness induced perhaps by sunshine and alcohol in the form of a margarita, I am waxing poetic. Only to myself, and only on paper. I am removed from my life for a brief period of time. Transported to an alternate universe where someone provides all my meals, tidies…

And other real things you should never have to say to children but sometimes do

Take your head out of the drawer
Don’t chase the peacocks
Let the frog go

Don’t eat the bug
Take your underwear off your head
Stop pouring milk on the table

Don’t eat the dog food
Take the duct tape off your brother
Climb off the car roof

Don’t put…

A letter you will never read

I am writing to you although you will never receive this letter. In the past two decades since I last saw you and we celebrated your birthday so much has happened.

I know that the tragedy that took place broke us both. I know your life changed in ways that…

A lifetime of love

Their wheelchairs sit together. Pushed there by a grandson
Thursday evenings they watch TV with him, whichever one it is
Every other Wednesday is a daughter. They have a lot of visitors

Their hands clutch one another. Still
Over seventy years together they have been connected. …

Let’s Not

What if chubby infants weren’t cute
And fat middle aged people were
Double chinned babies didn’t cause us to chuckle and tickle the soft underneath of them
And crepe skin dangling on old people was flattering and not abhorrent

If baldness on babies was frowned upon and that of adults…

Things had not conspired to bring two people together…

What if my grandfather had not gone into the shop? The one where young and pretty Lillian was behind the counter in the spring of 1914, just before the war began. …

Catherine Dunn

old but not dead, mother, partner, grandmother, writer, Canadian Become a Medium member and support great writers like me.

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